When families arrive at Safe Harbor, they wait in the Play Room. There are lots of toys and games to play with.
After a few minutes, a Forensic Interviewer and a Family Advocate will come to the Play Room and introduce themselves to the family. 

Interview Room

Then the child and Forensic Interviewer will walk down the hallway to the interview room. The hallway has lots of colorful lanterns to follow.  In the Interview Room, the child and interviewer will talk.

While the child is talking with the interviewer, caregivers will talk with a Family Advocate in our Family Room. Caregivers learn all about resources that are available and how to help support their child.

After the child and interviewer are done talking, the child goes back in the Play Room to play or watch a movie, while the Multi-Disciplinary Team members talk with the caregiver about next steps for the case.