If you are concerned that a child you know may be a victim of abuse,
call your local law enforcement agency or
Dane County Human Services at 608-261-5437.
Internet and Social Media Safety
Internet Safety Tips for Parents
Teen Internet Safety Guide
Internet Safety Tips for Kids (English) - Internet Safety Tips for Kids (Spanish)
Share Aware: Help Your Child Stay Safe on Social Networks
Tips to Help Keep Kids Safe on the Internet and Social Networks
How to Talk to Kids About Online Porn
Sexting: Advice for Parents--Your Guide to Keeping Your Child Safe
Parents Guide to Internet Safety
FBI-A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety
Internet Safety Workbook
Comprehensive Computer Safety & Security Guide

Child Abuse Prevention
Talking About Difficult Topics
"PANTS" Method of Talking to Kids about Abuse Prevention
10 Ways to Help Prevent Child Abuse
Alternatives to Lashing Out at Your Child
8 Rules of Safety Coloring Book
Negative Effects of Physical Discipline

Recognizing Abuse
Signs of Child Abuse
Recognizing Sexual Abuse
Child Abuse and Neglect: Recognizing, Preventing, and Reporting Child Abuse
Recognizing Child Abuse: What Parents Should Know

Trauma and Coping
Effects of Trauma
Trauma Facts for Caregivers
Trauma Facts for Service Providers
Early Childhood Trauma
Help with Some of the Tough Questions
Understanding and Coping with Sexual Behavior Problems in Children
Coping with the Shock of Intrafamilial Sexual Abuse
Child Sexual Abuse: Coping with the Emotional Stress of the Legal System
What Do I Do Now? A Survival Guide for Victims of Acquaintance Rape

Dane County Youth Resources
The Annie E. Casey Foundation 2016 KIDS COUNT Data Book